(a 501(c)(3) public/private partnership) is Building the Nation’s First and Only Database for Known Drug Diversion Incidents in Healthcare

Together We Can Stop Drug Diversion

Help us take a first step to building transparency around one of the most critical, yet often unspoken, risks associated with the opioid crisis.

Roughly 10% of all healthcare workers will steal opioids & other substances from patients & hospitals at some point in their career.

It happens in all hospitals, in every town.

Drug diversion has led to outbreaks of infection, cost patient lives and resulted in massive financial penalties for health systems.

Prevention of drug diversion starts with awareness.

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Our nonprofit aims to prevent diversion from harming patients, providers, and communities.


Healthcare, law enforcement, government regulators, public health – in one conversation


Drug diversion is happening everywhere, and now you can see it clearly.


Understand what to do with this information when hiring and investigating.


Transparency is just a first step. Help our nation fight drug diversion.

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    If you are aware of a drug diversion incident that has occurred, you are welcome to submit anonymously. Only vetted drug diversion incidents will be published in our database.

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    Healthcare staff, doctors, nurses, pharmacists

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    When we work together — sharing information, insights, best practices and results — we’re stronger and more effective.


    As long as diversion occurs in healthcare, our patients, co-workers, and communities are at risk. is a public charity, organized and operated for charitable purposes in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.